On 13th of November 2011, with the blessign of HE Joseph Pop, we served the first Divine Liturgy in our parish.

Sf. Mucenic Alban si Sf. Ioan Botezatorul
Parohia Ortodoxă Română din Luton, UK


Christ is in our midst!

These are the words which the priest uses to greet a fellow priest or his congregation at a certain moment during the Divine Liturgy. It’s known also as the “Kiss of Peace” and prior to this greeting the priest invites his congregation “Let us love one another that with one mind we may confess!” – “The Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity One in Essence, and Undivided!”

We are a group of Orthodox Christians, mainly born in Romania, but our children are born in the British Isles. By the grace of the Lord and with the blessing of HE Iosif Pop, our Archbishop, we started to meet and to pray every Sunday and on other feasts since November 2011.

If you are interested in Orthodox Christianity or if you would like to pray with the prayers written by the Holy Fathers, then Come and See!

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